Laboratoire IMATH

Institut de Mathématiques de Toulon (EA 2134)


Séminaire de Jérôme Lacan, ISAE-SUPAERO

Séminaire IAA
Jeudi 11/04/2024, 14h00 salle M005

Titre :
On polynomial commitments for blockchain scalability

Résumé :
In this talk, we will first expose the problem of the blockchain scalability. We will present several technics allowing to commit on a blockchain external operations like the storage of some data or the execution of programs. This includes zk-rollups with zk-proofs and data availability sampling.
In a second step, we will present a specific multivariate polynomial commitment scheme, called Boomy, enabling the proof of the valuation of multiple points, i.e., batch opening. Boomy is the natural extension of two popular protocols : the univariate polynomial commitment scheme of Kate, Zaverucha and Goldberg [KZG10] and its multivariate counterpart from Papamanthou, Shi and Tamassia [PST13]. We present Boomy’s complexity and its potential applications, especially for blockchain scalability .

Séminaire de Jérôme Lacan, ISAE-SUPAERO