Laboratoire IMATH

Institut de Mathématiques de Toulon (EA 2134)


Séminaire de Vincent Grosso, Laboratoire H. Curien (SESAM)

Séminaire IAA
Jeudi 22/02/2024, 14h00 salle M005

Titre :
Physical Security of the Syndrome Decoding Problem II

Résumé :
With the NIST post-quantum competitions, code-based cryptography gains a lot of attractivity for crypto practitioner. An important aspect to consider, for round four, is the strength of candidate implementations against physical attacks. This presentation follows the one of Brice Colombier in November. Previously, we saw several methods to twist the hard problem, in with the security of the cryptosystem is based, into an "easy" problem thanks to side-channel information. In this presentation we compare this approach to more classical side-channel approach where the goal of the physical attacks is to recover directly the secret and not to find an "easy" problem. We will discuss about differential side-channel attacks and algebraic side-channel attacks.

Séminaire de Vincent Grosso, Laboratoire H. Curien (SESAM)